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Brent Christman (Left) and his partner John Fabrizio, harvested these birds on Opening Day of the '95 Season.

They were shot only 1/2 hour apart on the same ridge.

Nice job, Brent and John. Glad to see you had a successful hunt.

Keep up the good work.


Wayne Dickson writes,

"A turkey I shot on April 29th 1995, my birthday, in south central Indiana. The bird weighed 20 pounds, with a 10 5/8" beard, and 5/8" spurs, not too bad for my first."

Very Impressive first bird.

"Love those 10ga. with the xfullchokes."

"A typical Bama Gobbler. 21 lb. 10.5" beard tom I bagged this last weekend. Bird looked to be 3 to 4 years by the 1" spurs. The spring season is in full bloom in Alabama, and we have plenty of turkeys. This one was with 7 smaller toms, not jakes, and all came a runnin with just about 2 yelps of my box call."
-Patrick Simms, Valley Alabama

"Thought I'd send you a picture of my 1996 turkey."

"weighed 22 1/2 lbs., 10" beard, and 1" spurs. Took him on Sunday, April 28 at about 7:45am in Cass County, Illinois. Used a Mossberg 835 shooting 3 1/2" Winchester 2 1/4oz loads of #5 shot (one shot). Best decoy assistance I ever experienced. He covered about 30 yards of open field coming to my two hen decoys before finally getting into range. Sorry for the less than natural surroundings, forgot to bring a camera with me that day!"
- Bob Appleman

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