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Hello fellow hunters, and welcome to
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This page is my own personal effort to provide Turkey Hunters with as much information on the Sport as I can gather, it is in no way connected with any Organization, nor is it an "Official" Page of the "National Wild Turkey Federation".
Any information posted here is the only information I have. If you do not find the Info. you are looking for, you might try your local Dept. of Natural Resources or Wildlife office.
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Now, for all you Boss Toms, Dominant Hens, and Little Jakes & Jennies out there, this page is a place for hunters ( Not just Turkey Hunters ) to go when they need a place to find information or links to hunting seasons and fees in various states as well as regulations, tips and so forth.
It will also serve as a place to just read a story or two about one of my hunts or one of my friends hunts or even one of YOUR hunts, and see some nice pictures of our hunt.

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Buddy also found Greg's dumb ass Turkey
I found Greg's dumb ass Turkey

That's right. I found Greg's dumb ass Turkey, (even though it looks more like the freakin' NBC Peacock)

The National Wild Turkey Federation

A picture of my Brother-In-Law and his Spring "Jake". This was not his first bird though, that would be the one he got when I took him to Dan's Mountain WMA. It was his first time hunting "Gobblers" and he made short work of it, getting a "Tom" in just an hour or so.

I am a former Certified Hunter Safety and Outdoor Education Instructor and Range Officer for the

Maryland Department of Natural Resources,

and a member of the

National Wild Turkey Federation

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